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Look at all the sheeple in the middle east trying to silence free speech..

  • This seems oddly familiar...who else did this? Oh, I know. Like EVERY DICTATOR IN HISTORY.
  • Of course, it certainly doesn't help that we as a nation are apologizing for this. Like what is this shit? Its in the Constitution. First amendment; you don't even have to look very far. Will someone please explain to me why we are apologizing for our Constitutional rights that we have had for years, all in the name of making sure the Muslims know we're "not the enemy"?
  • We have a failing economy to tend to. Not to mention, they think we're the enemy, and we are not going to change their mind thousands of terrorist attacks (worldwide, of course) later. They view the world as their enemy, so why are we even having anything to do with them? They view basically anyone who isn't a Muslim as a threat or an "infidel" in the words of the Qu'ran.
  • They always say that if you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. Nothing could be closer to the truth.
  • And for the record, before you start spamming my inbox, I KNOW that not all Muslims are extremists. But the fact that Obama is symapthyzing with extremists is bad enough.
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