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niallfuturewifexox said: That is not what Islam is about! ISIS are Arab based, they were born and raised in Arabic counties, they speak Arabic but I swear to u, they are terrorists! And not only where the 8 Christians affected, so where the 10000 of Shea's who died because they wouldn't join they're army! I just think war is stupid and general and I really hope this lady is ok and safe! And if u haven't guessed it, I am Arab, I'm a Shea! And don't hate me becuase of where I come from! I'm 17 don't know Much about

I can agree that killing innocents is wrong, but sometimes war can be necessary in order to avoid absolute tyranny. I said nothing about all Muslims being terrorists, I am aware that Hamas is a group of extremists. And I do not hate you from where you come from. Actually, I do not hate anyone, period.


A brilliant read by the wonderful Matt Walsh.

I love to write my own commentary and all, but there are those times where you honestly just couldn’t have said something better than the original author. Blogger and speaker Matt Walsh in one of his most recent posts titled “If you want to prove you don’t hate gays, all you have to do is worship at their feet” talks about how we as conservatives may as well stand in opposition to the rigid dogma of so called “progressivism,” as merely remaining silent (as we have for countless years too many) is no longer enough for the Left. You must embrace and rejoice at ignorance and moral bankruptcy.

For more excellent commentary by Matt Walsh, visit his blog here. Hope you enjoy this great read, dear followers:

I have never in my life encountered a religion as oppressive, cold, and stiff as Progressivism. I’ve never known a faith more eager to burn heretics at the stake. Even a fundamentalist Iranian Muslim would flinch if he came face to face with a western liberal’s rigid dogmatism. I imagine that even a Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric would take one look at how American left wingers react when anyone deviates ever so slightly from their established orthodoxy, and say to himself, “man, these people REALLY need to chill.”

The Cult of Leftism has many tenets, and it demands full compliance with all of them, but nothing in its creed compares to the sanctity of their two great sacraments: child murder and sodomy. You must not question these, but tolerance alone will not be good enough. You must celebrate them, too. You must worship at their altar. You must sing hallelujah at the mention of their names. You must fight for a society where infanticide and gay sex are awarded a protected and privileged position. When a man decides to kill babies for a living, you must call him a ‘health care provider’ and a ‘healer.’ When a man decides to announce to the world that he enjoys sex with other men, you must call him a ‘hero’ and a ‘pioneer.’ You must quite literally give him awards for his courage.

Nothing less will be allowed.

I hope that all of my fellow Christians and conservatives soon catch on to this reality. It seems that many in our camp have been too afraid of confrontation and too addicted to approval and affirmation, so we sent up the white flag and surrendered the culture entirely. “Hey, you do you, it’s none of my business,” we said, and moved on to arguing over safer things, like the economy or foreign policy.  We rejected political candidates who dared to venture onto the forbidden soil of ‘social issues’ and instead nominated milquetoast moderates who run around regurgitating platitudes about how we should ‘just talk about jobs.’ But the progressives have concentrated almost exclusively on winning the culture and reshaping our society in their image. While conservatives set up shop way off in the outskirts, liberals have burrowed right into the heart of America and gone to work subverting and perverting our civilization at its most foundational level.

It’s because they’ve claimed so many victories that they have earned the luxury to demand more than a cowering tolerance from their ideological opponents. Conservatives and Christians who tried to keep their hands clean by merely putting up with the slaughter of children and the destruction of the nuclear family are now faced with a dilemma. They can’t just tacitly endorse evil anymore — they are going to be required to give their enthusiastic and active approval. Silence will be viewed as dissent, and dissent is the highest crime.

So I suppose my point here is simple: if you aren’t willing to become a liberal, you might as well finally stand up and condemn it. There is no middle ground anymore. There never was to begin with, but even the illusion is fading. Either fight for life, family, and Truth, or else join the ranks of the nihilists and hedonists. The distinction between the two sides is not a murky no-man’s land colored in hues of gray; it is a stark and sudden line in the concrete. You are either for truth or you are not.

Either/or, black or white, right or wrong. Sorry, there are only two options, and you have to choose one. Progressivism says that you are either with it or against it, and on that point I agree.

If you need an example of this dynamic, just take a look at what’s happening to former NFL head coach Tony Dungy. In a recent interview, he was asked about Michael Sam, the first ‘openly gay’ player drafted into the NFL. Dungy had this to say: “I wouldn’t have [drafted] him. Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.  It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.”

An exceedingly reasonable opinion, and one shared by most NFL officials, which is why Sam wasn’t taken until the 7th round. Notice, Dungy never said that he hates Sam because of his sexuality, nor did he say that Sam shouldn’t be in the NFL. In fact, he said the opposite. Dungy’s position is very clear. Sam is a mediocre talent and a marginal prospect. He’s too slow to be a linebacker and too small to be a defensive end. He doesn’t have the athleticism to be a starter, and he may very well lack the talent to make the squad. At best, Michael Sam will see the field for kickoffs and punts, and that will be it.

Is an unspectacular player worth the media circus that will follow? Would any coach in their right mind relish the thought of being accused of bigotry if Sam has to be cut to make room for better players? Does any football organization want to be tossed into the middle of a ‘gay rights’ fight when their only concern is winning football games? One poor team answered ‘yes’ to these questions, but 31 did not. Tony Dungy echoed the sentiments of the 31 teams — the sane ones.

Michael Sam isn’t very good but he is a self-congratulatory pseudo-’equal rights’ champion who loves the attention and does not hesitate to throw homophobia accusations around.  This is the guy who was fortunate to be picked at all, but instead of showing gratitude, he immediately complained that he wasn’t drafted high enough, in an obvious attempt to insinuate that he’s the victim of unfair bias. This is the guy who cut a deal to star in a documentary during training camp, and hid the agreement from the NFL until after the draft. This is the man who went out of his way to announce his sexual proclivities to the world, and then starred in a commercial where he claimed that he only wants to be judged for what he does on the field.

This dude is on a crusade, and it’s got nothing to do with making the playoffs and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. He’s not worth the trouble, not by a longshot. Any rational person can see that, and Tony Dungy is a rational person.

Progressives, however, are not. That’s why Dungy’s remarks have been met with a furor as repulsive as it is predictable. Tony Dungy never criticized Sam’s sexual preference, but he did take a position that diverges from the liberal narrative, and now he is being punished severely for it.

Liberals took to social media to remind him that he’s a ‘hateful f*ck,’ a ‘bigoted assh*le,’ and a ‘Bible thumping piece of sh*t.’ Apparently there’s something in the Bible about not wanting a media spectacle surrounding your football team. I think that’s in Exodus – or was it Psalms? No, it’s in the Gospels somewhere. Sermon on the Mount, maybe?

The progressives also lectured Dungy on being a ‘shameless coward’ who is, of course, ‘intolerant’ and who needs to, of course, ‘shut the f*ck up.’

This, all because he said he wouldn’t have drafted a homosexual third string benchwarmer.

Others called for his firing:

And plenty of compassionate leftwingers took the opportunity to mock Dungy’s son’s suicide:

They are rubbing the death of his son in his face because they disagree with his analysis of Michael Sam. That is evil. I don’t care that it’s the internet, that makes no difference. There is no excuse for this.

We have now reached a point where you are a homophobe and a scumbag if you wouldn’t hypothetically draft a negligible late round homosexual defensive prospect to your hypothetical football team. There is no reason or sanity left in the ranks of the progressive cultists. There is only absolute obedience, conformity, and hate.

Meanwhile, the inevitable hyperbole comparing gays in 2014 to Jim Crow era blacks came pouring in. As one commenter put it, Dungy’s remarks were “Jim Crow era awful.” Yes, because racial segregation and lynching can be appropriately compared to some guy saying he wouldn’t draft another guy into the NFL. Surely, it’s impossible to find any significant difference between those two things.

Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports extrapolated on this idea, employing all of the self-righteous hyperbole you might expect. He lectured Dungy about civil rights, and sermonized about how Dungy’s attitude mirrors that of whites who didn’t want to share schools or public restrooms with black people.

By the way, Tony Dungy looks like this:

Indianapolis Colts v San Diego Chargers

 And Dan Wetzel looks like this:


 This pompous, pasty white carnival barker actually has the gumption to lecture an older black man about the plight of blacks in America. That kind of paternalistic, degrading racism would never be tolerated or accepted if it was applied in any other situation or used to make any other point. But even the progressive ‘sensitivity’ about race takes a backseat when the hallowed homosexuals need defending.

Tony Dungy is a good and decent man who has accomplished a lot in the face of great adversity. Dan Wetzel is a sycophantic hack who fails to understand the distinction between race versus sexuality, and the persecution of being locked in chains and enslaved versus the persecution of being heralded and admired by the media and most of mainstream society simply because you enjoy sex with members of the same gender.

Another very white sportswriter made the same point, and a quick Google search can find many more examples of this tactic. None more irritating than the king of pomposity, Keith Olbermann, who told his 9 viewers that Dungy is the ‘worst person in the world’ because he’s treating Sam like white team owners treated black players.

I’ll say this for Olbermann: once he’s fired again, he can look back at his stints on Current TV, MSNBC, and ESPN 2, and take pride in being the only guy who wasn’t good enough to hold a job at the three most irrelevant networks in the history of television.

In any case, his view is the liberal view. Homosexuality and abortion come first for these people. Everything else is second. They will say anything, no matter how absurd or degrading, in order to defend the only two things they seem to really care about.

Now, if I wanted to explain why you can’t compare pre-civil rights blacks to modern gays, I might point out the dramatic disparity in how the two groups were treated. I might say that black people went from being used like farm animals to being ‘freed’ but still deprived of their most essential human rights and most basic protections under the law.  I might point out that gays are not subject to that kind of oppression, and to insist otherwise is to demonstrate a complete lack of integrity or sanity. I might tell you that a black man could be hung from a tree without legal repercussion, whereas a gay man in modern times can’t even be refused a wedding cake without the full weight of the justice system coming down upon the offending baker.

I might go a step further and explain that blacks are a people. A culture. A race. A heritage. Black is part of their identity, by any measure. Physically, genetically, socially, culturally. Homosexuals, on the other hand, are not a race. They are not a people. They are people, individually, but they are not an actual community as a whole. There is no ‘gay heritage.’ They are not any different physically or genetically. You are gay because of your sexual activities, whereas you are black because that’s who you are. The two are not analogous, they are not similar, they are not in the same vein, they are not comparable. They are two completely different things. Just as I am not in a ‘straight community’ or part of a ‘straight culture’ or a member of a ‘straight lineage,’ neither are gays. My people are not heterosexuals. I do not have a shared ancestry with straights, nor does our straightness align us in any deep or meaningful way. Your sexual proclivity is different from your ethnicity, just as it is different from your religion or your gender.

These are all of the things I might say, but it’s probably useless. This isn’t a discussion, anyway. When you degrade and attack a man for holding a sensible and utterly unremarkable opinion about something as inconsequential as hypothetical draft strategies, you are obviously not interested in having a conversation. You only want to punish the transgressor for his scandalous lack of progressive piety, and you’re willing to say anything to make sure that he feels your rage.

In the end, ironically, Tony Dungy’s stance was immediately vindicated by the very people disagreeing with it. He was worried that Sam would create a media frenzy, and it turns out that even saying Sam would create a media frenzy actually creates a media frenzy.

So Dungy was right, which is why he’s now hated.

This is how the game will be played.

Get ready for it.

You’re either with them or against them.

Women Against Feminism

  • Feminist: If you're not a feminist, you are ignorant.
  • Person: Feminism itself has turned into a very ignorant movement.
  • Feminist: Women in America are oppressed!
  • Person: How so? We have every right that men do.
  • Feminist: Girls have to follow dress codes at school.
  • Person: So do boys. Everyone has to dress decently for the learning environment.
  • Feminist: Women only make 77¢ for every $1 men do.
  • Person: That argument has been debunked countless times. It has far more to do with career choices than it does with sexism. You as well as I know that the wage gap is not real.
  • Feminist: Not enough women are majoring in math and science.
  • Person: What did you major in?
  • Feminist: Women's Studies.
  • Feminist: The Supreme Court didn't rule the way we wanted them to and that means women are being denied the right to access birth control.
  • Person: But that's not accurate. Just because someone isn't paying for your stuff doesn't mean they're denying you access to getting it.
  • Feminist: Rape culture.
  • Person: Even RAINN, one of the most trusted sources of sexual violence information in the nation, has dismissed that idea. Rape is treated as one of the most serious crimes a person can commit in our country. Just because it unfortunately happens sometimes doesn't mean our culture is one that promotes it.
  • Feminist: 1 in 4 women will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime.
  • Person: No crime in the United States has an incidence rate that high. That statistic came from an extremely biased and flawed telephone survey in 1982. There's not an epidemic like you keep saying there is. Even according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice, rape has actually decreased dramatically in the past few decades, despite an increase in the willingness of victims to report it.
  • Feminist: Elliot Roger killed 7 women and that is an example of rampant misogyny in society. #YesAllWomen
  • Person: No, he killed 3 women and 4 men. You erased the 4 male victims of that tragedy because it didn't fit your narrative. And you continue to dismiss the problem of mental illness in our society because it doesn't fit your narrative either.
  • Feminist: If you're a woman who doesn't accept feminism, you're an ungrateful fool harboring internalized misogyny. Look at all the rights feminism has given you in the past!
  • Person: But those were things in the past, not the present. The feminist movement has changed dramatically since the time of granting women equal rights. And just because a person doesn't agree with what the feminist movement is doing doesn't mean they hate women. Feminism doesn't speak on behalf of all women.
  • Feminist: If you're not a feminist, you are ignorant.

My dear followers,

I’m very happy to see that more and more of you have been boarding the ship of conservatism here at The Daily Patriot. Welcome aboard; I’m grateful for every single one of you and feel honored to have inspired, interested, and/or informed you :)

And I hate to be THAT girl, but if any of you would be interested in getting to know me a bit better beyond my political and moral convictions, you should really check out my personal at!

If not, no worries, we’re still cool :)

Love you all,

-Tiffany :)

Okay, so this is WAY TOO GOOD not to share…

All credit for the following genius blog post goes to Eitan Chitayat, an Israeli citizen, speaker, business owner and blogger who has a hell of a lot to say in rebuttal to “pro Palestinian” arguments. Enjoy, my dear followers:

I don’t know how to write this without sounding like the kind of person I’m about to sound like, but sometimes you’ve just got to write it like you feel it. And I feel this. I un-friended a ‘friend’ from Facebook the other day.

To be honest, he wasn’t really a friend. He was a professional aquaintance and one whose talent I respect. But that’s it.

I un-friended him because he crossed a line.

I don’t mind that he didn’t write to ask how we’re doing here in Israel. People have their lives and we’re not the center of the world.

No. He started posting videos and images that reek of anti-semitism and an anti-Israel bias the likes of which are posted by people who clearly hate my country.

And I saw these posts.

A video by an English elected official who spewed such anti-Israel rhetoric that it was borderline hatred.

And a post that Robert De Niro supposedly made claiming we’re an apartheid state. (He never said that at all. We’re not – and that post was another spreading of an untruth).

He crossed a line on a day – the other day – that 13 regular Israeli fathers, sons or brothers here were killed defending my country. Men drawn into a war they did not want to fight, but fought to protect their families, friends, and country – and to protect ME. A war others will continue to fight because to not fight it means we will perish. I don’t mean that we will lose our country, but as you can see by the turmoil around us in the Middle East (that has nothing to do with us) we will lose our lives.

He crossed a line following 10 days in which we, the citizens of Israel, have been bombarded the length of the 10 hour drive north to south of our country, and two our drive east to west of our country (that’s the size of Israel) with missiles intended to murder Israelis, no matter what gender, what age, what profession and what religion they follow. (We have over a million Israeli-Arabs living here within our borders as citizens with full rights).

And as I write, coming home from a day of work and having put my son to bed in his crib, we are still being bombarded.

He crossed another line after he saw that I unfriended him when he wrote an email to me saying that it’s ‘…funny to be de-friended for posting a statement from an elected official. As a Jew you should realize that mass murder is never justified’. (His identity will remain hidden, of course).

First of all, don’t give me that ‘as a Jew’ crap. I don’t need to be a Jew to realise that mass murder isn’t justified. I need to be a decent human being.

Secondly, I don’t give a damn that he was an elected official – he said some preposterous, disgusting and very untrue things – and history is full of misguided elected officals.

And third, we’re mass murderers? My country accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza cease-fire twice and Hamas keeps firing away. They aim rockets at civilians while we go at great lengths to avoid civilians actually calling them in their areas and dropping warning charges, to give innocents a chance to escape. That’s unprecedented in warfare history. We leave Gaza for a chance at peace 9 years ago and for 9 years we got rockets, hate education, underground tunnels built with the purpose of entering Israeli territory so radicals can murder and kidnap Jews? This is what we get for leaving Gaza unilaterally 9 years ago. And we’re mass murderers?

No – fool. Ours is not the behavior of mass murderers.

I’m tired of the argument lobbed against us where I read people saying it’s ‘not fair’ because more Palestinians have died than Israelis. Of people asking ‘why are we complaining when we’re the stronger ones?’
My heart bleeds for every innocent killed no matter what side they’re on. Palestinain or Israeli innocents – it matters not. 

But I will not apologise for surviving.

For surviving missiles intended to kill me. The fact they didn’t kill me doesn’t mean they weren’t sent with the intention to murder. We have a defence system, shelters, evacuation procedures and governments who take care of us – I will not apologise for living and surviving thanks to being prepared because we have a culture that celebrates our lives and cherishes them instead of sending 10-year old children to be fighters and bombers. I will not apologise for having a business, a home, a family and friends here who want normal lives and to live in peace with our neighbors. I will not apologise for existing and I want nothing more than to co-exist quietly with neighbors who accept me here.

But this is not what Hamas wants.

Let me be very clear. Hamas is trying to kill ME. My family. My baby son. All of us here. That is their purpose. Get it through your heads – that is what is happening. And it’s VERY personal. For all of us here.

Our Israeli civilians – people like me – are being targeted to die. Palestinian innocents on the other side are dying because my army is trying to protect us from thugs operating in those areas who are launching rockets at my populated cities. If Palestinian innocents are dying it’s because of jihadists and terrorists (other names for thugs), but NOT because of the State of Israel that is trying to protect its citizens as any sovereign country would do. People are going to die. Innocents will die and it’s awful and it’s ugly. But we have to do what we have to do now. That is not a tone of justification. It’s me telling you the way it is – and believe me, we’re already paying the price with the blood of our people…of families who will never sit together again. Play together again. Hold eachother again.

This is not a game.

I was speaking to my father this evening and he advised me, like a good father does, bless him, to not speak my mind on Facebook. Why go to the trouble? But he’s looking out for his son knowing I’ll face backlash.

Look, we remained silent in the 30′s and look where it got us. We hoped rational people would see sense and refused to believe that people were capable of evil. And where did that get us? Trainrides straight to the gas chambers by REAL mass murderers. And there are those today who follow directly in the footsteps of the Nazis and who state proudly that they want to see all Jews dead, all of israel wiped off the face of the earth. (It is in Hamas’ offical charter – I’m serious – look). And why? Not because of ‘stolen land’ and politics but because they’re misguided, pitiful, hateful people who hate Jews and don’t give a damn about their people. Because anyone who gives a damn about their people would try giving them a future and not use them as pawns in a sick game of death and 72 virgins.

No, I will not remain silent while lies are spread about my country, my people, my culture, my values. I will be the FIRST in line to condemn my leaders and countrymen and women when they do wrong – as we do.
(And we do). But we are in the right here and I will not be quiet.

If anyone doesn’t understand any of the above; if anyone doesn’t get it; if any of my friends are going to post anti-Israel messages in a time where over 500 Palestinians have tragically died in this current conflict yet you remained silent while almost 200,000 Arabs were murdered by Arabs these past few years; if you’re not writing about Assad using chemical weapons against his people; if you’re not writing about ISIS who crucified 8 christians the other day and who are telling Iraqi Christians ‘convert, pay tax, or die’; if you only have criticism for the State of Israel that is doing EVERYTHING in its power to avoid civilian losses to Palestinians during a war; if you’re going to do nothing but sit wherever you’re sitting and just dish out your anti-Israel dirt while rockets are being aimed at my house, family and friends as our boys are fighting to protect us – and you’re going to dish it out simply because we’re living in this land and you haven’t got a clue as to our connection to it; if you’re going to join the anti-semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations flaring up in the world like we’re seeing in France, Turkey, Berlin, most Arab states and even in the US that have nothing to do with this conflict but are really just expressions of hatred directed at Jews and Israelis (and these expressions will be directed at the host countries soon); if you’re going to stay quiet and just accept, then go ahead and unfriend me from Facebook now because you’re probably no friend of mine.

Know this: when someone tries to end my life, IT IS PERSONAL.
And if you’re adding fuel to the fire by posting crap that in some small way will contribute to my demise, then again - un-friend me now.

Because you can have the hatred, the twisted, the sick and evil and be a part of that – or you can have me. But you can’t have both.

Shalom, motherf****r.

Visit the Times of Israel site to learn more about the truth about Israel.

authordc said: Actually there's also something I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind. How do you feel about all these people (feminists in particular) creating all these jacked up labels or 'pronouns' such as trigender, polysexual, non-binary, two-spirit genderfluid, etc. Cause I honestly think it's absolute insanity.

Haha honestly, I’m right there with you on this one. Before you mentioned them, I didn’t even know that half of those so called “pronouns” existed, but knowing most feminists and SJWs I am in no way surprised at all.

No matter what these people claim to believe, I’m sorry, men and women are different, not only physically but psychologically as well. We’ve been created by God this way, and with good reason. We have been created to not only balance one another, but to contribute to the world in different ways that the other may not be so inclined toward. Neither is superior, but they are different.

Regardless as to whether one identifies as transgender or trigender or quadruple gender or twelve-spirit or whatever the hell else they can dream up, the fact is that they have either been born male or female, aside from the extremely rare cases of one being born a hermaphrodite.

And while a sex change or hormonal treatments are always possible, the patient in question shouldn’t expect to be treated as though they are a special snowflake. I realize that people tend to act out on tumblr in highly exaggerated ways, but I honestly wonder how they fare in the real world. Like how the hell do you leave your house if something as ridiculous as a southeast wind or someone smiling (maybe not even at YOU, but this type would certainly assume that the offending smiler was sending them rape signals or some bullshit) “triggers” you?

It’s like, GROW THE EFF UP. PLEASE. Live your life. I promise, no one in the real world gives a rat’s ass about what sort of mythical unisex otherkin you think you are. NO ONE.

aidanbloodyturner said: thank you thank you THANK YOU for this blog. like a freakin breath of fresh air amidst the endless waves of liberal tripe that constantly assault. bless you. :D

You’re very welcome, kind sir! :) Bless you, too!