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People who claim to care about ‘climate change’ use more electricity than those who don’t



So, it turns out that those who say we should all cut way back on our energy usage use more electricity than the rest of us. This probably came as a shock to most people but not to those of us who know what climate alarmism really is. After all, climate alarmists are nothing if not hypocrites.

From the UK Telegraph:

People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found.

Those who say they are concerned about the prospect of climate change consume more energy than those who say it is “too far into the future to worry about,” the study commissioned by the Department for Energy and Climate Change found.

That is in part due to age, as people over 65 are more frugal with electricity but much less concerned about global warming.

However, even when pensioners are discounted, there is only a “weak trend” to show that people who profess to care about climate change do much to cut their energy use.

Those surveyed were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “The effects of climate change are too far in the future to really worry me.”

The researchers wrote: “Taken all together, householders who strongly agreed they were not worried about climate change because it was too far in the future in fact used less electricity rather than more, counter to the hypothesis that households concerned about climate change use less electricity.

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Notice that both the researchers and the author go out of their way to let everyone know that the main reason for the so-called surprising result is all those smelly old people that hate the planet but just happen to be “frugal” with their electricity. However, what they’re accidentally admitting is that people would use less electricity if they were taught economics and self-control, rather than having Chicken Little propaganda crammed down their throat.

Furthermore, look at how the survey was worded:

"Those surveyed were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: ‘The effects of climate change are too far in the future to really worry me.’"

Notice there is no third option: “Since the Earth hasn’t warmed in nearly 18 years, I question the entire premise of climate change.” This is a classic technique used by polling outfits to steer a result while also influencing the respondent.

That’s like asking someone “Hey, have you always been that stupid?” There’s no good answer.

It looks like this is just another example of why the alarmists’ mantra should be “do as I say, not as I do.”


I feel like the people who say that we need to have more compassion for the Central American “refugees” that are currently swarming across our borders should be mandated to house two of the refugees. while paying out of pocket for their food and healthcare.

Why not? They want them here, so they should take care of them, right?

Call me a conspiracy theorist..

But I wouldn’t doubt that the Obama administration is orchestrating this nonsense that is going on at our Southern border right now what with the “Central American refugees.”

I bet he wants to help his fellow liberals out by bringing in new voters, seeing as this administration has just a 40% approval rating. (And I’m willing to doubt it’s even that high, seeing as this statistic comes from CNN.)

He brings in these minors and gives them amnesty, and then watch him follow it up with the parents. I promise I won’t be one bit surprised at this point, seeing as I’ve grown up in the “sanctuary city” of Chicago and have seen firsthand what illegal immigration can do to the unemployment rate, especially in the trades.

Immigration reform=/= amnesty and/or destruction of our economy

On the Hobby Lobby Decision

Before I cut to the chase here, I would just like to say that I am a Christian woman who is pro life, yet I have absolutely no problem with birth control coverage. I am also fully aware of the fact that birth control can serve many medical purposes and is not always used because a woman wants to have sex without the possibility of getting pregnant, though that is certainly a benefit as well. I believe there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the topic of contraception, such as the belief that Plan B causes an early abortion. (Normally I would feel no need to bring my gender or religious beliefs into a discussion like this, as I prefer not to politicize them. However, given that it is tumblr, I wanted to mention it before someone accused me of something irrelevant to the topic such as “slut shaming” or “failing to check my male privilege” that doesn’t actually exist.)

All that being said, I also believe that all Americans should have the Constitutional right to religious freedom. Did you know that Hobby Lobby covers 16 of the 20 types of birth control mandated by obamacare? And had they lost this case, that they would have been forced to pay over $1 million in fines to the Obama administration? I wouldn’t doubt that some of you didn’t, seeing that whenever the media refers to this case, they speak only of “Hobby Lobby’s refusal to cover birth control” as if the company actually has a problem with contraception in general and that the Green family as owners have no say in what they want to spend their money on as a business.

All the opponents to this decision have done and were doing prior to it is complain about what a huge blow this is to “woman’s rights in America,” and Ive had enough of that BS. Not only does Hobby Lobby, arguably one of the more conservative businesses in the nation, cover most forms of birth control save for those that can cause early miscarriage, but women in the US can vote. They can get any job that a man can get. They can go out in public alone without male escorts. They are treated as human beings who are capable of making their own decisions and living their own lives as opposed to being treated like cattle. They can get birth control for free at certain clinics, even! I could go on and on, but I believe you all get my point: women in America have rights and privileges that women in many other nations in the world could only dream of.

The left needs to stop acting as though we are still in the midst of the women’s suffrage movement for the sake of political gain and that allowing business owners to choose whether they want to pay for certain types of their employees’ birth control is unreasonable, particularly if it conflicts with their beliefs. It isn’t as if they are prohibiting their employees from buying one of the FOUR forms of contraception they are choosing not to cover, it’s just that they would rather not pay themselves for something that has the possibility of terminating a pregnancy.

The fact that this actually needs to be explained goes to show how pathetic the press is at communicating the truth to the people; something they have always been expected to do since the founding of this country. Come to think of it, the Constitution in general seems to matter very little to this administration or it’s supporters. All 40% of them.

What tyranny it is when a federal elite can even have the option of attempting to charge a family owned business millions for daring to stand up for the rights of the unborn. Yet during campaign season, Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t give up his “I believe in the American dream because I’ve lived it” narrative. Oh, the irony. I guess that only applied to leftists in his mind.